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Xingjue Sponsored player Kelly Fisher was selected into the Hall of Fame


Kelly Fisher, named with "Quick Fire", the spokesperson of Xingjue Billiards, who has won two women’s 9-ball World Championships, now successfully entered the BCA Hall of Fame.


The Hall Of Fame award is an award 1 player chosen each year, and is for that players lifetime achievements, very very special achievement!



“Kelly Fisher’s road to the BCA Hall of Fame has been fraught with tests and challenges, both on and off the table”.


By Mike Panozzo


It’s been a long, arduous journey from martial arts and snooker championships to the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame for Kelly Fisher. A journey that has taken Fisher from the United Kingdom to the United States and back again, with no shortage of frequent flyer miles to Asia thrown in for good measure. A journey whose physical and mental challenges would have driven most players to toss their cue into the ocean on one of those transatlantic trips.


But Kelly Fisher isn’t “most players.”


“I started martial arts when I was seven,” said Fisher, who earned a black belt in kung fu at 15. “It bred in me a definite discipline, focus and determination.”


 ----From Billiards Digest Magazine


Interview of Kelly Fisher was selected into the Hall of Fame


Q1: First of all, congratulations on this remarkable achievement! Can you share your feelings when facing this honor?


Fisher: Thank you very much! I am very proud of being admitted to the American Pool Hall of Fame, which is the most supreme reward for professional pool players. I am also grateful.


Q2: Last season, you won the Women's 9-Ball World Championship for the second time. From another perspective, in the past 10 years, only you, an international player, can compete with Chinese women. Because of this, greatly increased your probability of entering the Hall of Fame?


Fisher: I think this honor still values the achievements of the entire career. My career has lasted 28 years. Of course, I also feel very lucky to be able to maintain a high level throughout my long career. But this is also inseparable from all the supporters, my sponsors and the people who have helped me. This award also belongs to them.


Q3: The past few months have been very special and difficult. How did you spend it? Continue training or take the opportunity to take a vacation?


Fisher: In fact, most of the time I am still in high-intensity training these months. In addition, I participated in many ghost challenges (previously reported that the two players competed against each other to clear the table). It was another experience. It was very interesting. I played pretty well. I really like the feeling of the game.


Q4: Now you have basically covered all the awards you can get as a professional billiard player. Do you have any higher goals in the future?


Fisher: I still set a lot of goals for myself. I hope I can win more trophies and return to the first place in the world. My ultimate goal is to win another championship trophy in the Chinese Billiards World Championships, so that my career will be complete, because I have won all the World Championships except the Chinese Billiards World Championships. Among them, 6 times Snooker Women's World Championships, 2 British 8-ball World Championships, 1 No. 10 World Championships, 2 9-Ball World Championships, and Chinese billiards.



Finally, Fisher thanked for her strong backing, sponsor Xingjue Billiards: “Thank you very much for Xingjue supporting and helping me over the years, Xingjue Team always with me even I fought through dry spells and medical challenges, and I am proud to be the spokesperson of Xingjue Billiards, who is trying to be better and becoming stronger, we hope we could together make a good future!


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