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Nine ball rule

1. The placement of the ball: the balls are arranged in a diamond shape with a triangle frame, with the No. 1 ball in the front, the No. 9 ball in the middle, and the other balls at will. The center of the number 1 ball is above the ball placement point. The 9 balls must be tightly arranged.

2. Kick-off right: The right to kick-off is obtained through the ball. Both parties in the competition hold a ball and hit the opposite side of the table from the service line at the same time. After rebounding, the side closest to the bottom side of the table takes the opening. Ball right. The winner of each round gets the kick-off right for the next round. The kicker must first hit the No. 1 ball. Among the nine balls, at least four colored balls must touch the edge of the table, or if there are colored balls in the pocket, the kick-off is considered valid. After the kick-off, the cue ball is pocketed or knocked off the table, and the opponent gets a free kick. After the kick-off, if the ball other than the 9th ball is hit off the table, the ball that has left the table does not have to be returned to the table, and the opponent receives a free kick. After kick-off, if the No. 9 ball is hit off the table, it must be placed back to the placement point. If the placement point is blocked by the ball, the No. 9 ball shall be placed on the vertical line between the placement point and the edge of the top table. At the point of the ball, the opponent takes a free kick.

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